Client dashboard for your Time tracking software

Pastel allows your clients access to timesheet reports with Harvest and Toggl

What can you do?

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Connect to Harvest or Toggl

We understand your need. Pastel is support Harvest and Toggl. There are more coming support time tracking in the future.

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Invite your clients

With Pastel you can give your clients the ability to get timesheet reports for all hours logged on their projects in Harvest or Toggl.

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Rounding Reported Hours

Pastel now supports rounding hours at a client's level. This allows to round to nearest, or round up to 6, 15 or 30 minutes. Only you as an account holder able to access the options.

What can your clients do?

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Get reports

Your clients have the ability to get reports on time spent and logged in Harvest or Toggl for all their projects. From their client dashboard they can select which projects they want to report on, and for what date range. Clients also have the ability for sort and filter reports.

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Weekly summary report

Your clients will have the ability to get a weekly summary report automatically emailed to them. This report will update them on the time spent on their projects, as well as give them an indication on the budget spent and remaining on their projects.

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